Modeling in China

After attending the kid’s school Christmas party,on December 17th, Sepia auditioned to model some children’s clothing called Yooknet.  There were about only 12 children at the audition who were selected from the applicants.  Sepia put on one of the outfits which the stylist had organized.  The photographer photographed her.  Then, when she had changed, they checked her name and details.  Max was waiting patiently for his sister to finish her audition.  The modeling agent asked his name and details.  We said, he had not applied.  She thought he should audition.  He said, “Okay”.   They took a few photos of him.  We asked if we were finished and if there were any thing we needed to do.  The agent said, “We will contact you”.  The director then, walked over and said, both your kids are in.  See you tomorrow.

The next day we went to the shoot and Sepia spent 1 hour getting her hair and make-up done.  Then, Max went to Hair and Make-up upstairs in the mezzanine.  He walked out 45 minutes later, with a massive mo-hawk!  He looked wild!  The photographer said something in Chinese….next thing I know 30 minutes later Max had a whole new style. Darn! I could not get a photo of the mo-hawk.

Here are a few photos from the shoot.

Sepia as Yooknet model.

S & M outside the modeling office.

Sepia and Russian girl in Pink & Winter white.

Primping Sepia for the shoot.

Sepia in Yooknet red dress.

Max at modeling session.

Max - The Scholar.

Max at modeling shoot.